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Thursday, February 22nd, 2024
custom netting and nylon nets

Usage of Netting and Custom Nets for Protective Needs, Safety Considerations, and Object Containment Requirements

When it comes to safeguarding your space, assets, or even loved ones, bulky barriers and rigid structures often come to mind. But what if there was a versatile, adaptable, and surprisingly strong solution: netting. From construction sites and sports arenas to delicate wildlife enclosures, custom netting solutions offer a powerful answer for diverse safety, containment, and protection needs. Here’s why netting should be your go-to choice:

Safety Net for Every Situation: Unlike generic options that may leave gaps and pose risks, customizable netting hugs your unique environment, creating a tailored safety barrier. An experienced netting supplier like understands material strength, knot integrity, and proper installation, ensuring your net is built to protect.

Adaptability is Key: Every project has its own challenges. Seasoned custom netting providers have likely seen (and solved) them all! Their expertise allows them to craft solutions that seamlessly integrate with your space, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Material Matchmaker: From heavy-duty construction netting to delicate mesh enclosures, the right material is crucial. A knowledgeable supplier acts as your material matchmaker, understanding the strengths and suitability of different options. They’ll ensure your net not only fits perfectly but also performs flawlessly in its intended environment.

Precision Matters: A custom net isn’t just about size; it’s about meticulous craftsmanship. Experienced manufacturers like know the importance of precise measurements, consistent mesh sizes, and secure seams. This guarantees a net that functions flawlessly, without unexpected tears or gaps that could compromise effectiveness.

Some Helpful Netting Examples Supplied to Gourock Customers

The usage of netting for protective needs is a very effective solution for many different types of projects and applications. At we specialize in supplying a wide product range of mesh and twine thickness selections, all of which feature the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. In addition, Gourock is a premier supplier of custom nets and netting productions – allowing our customers convenient access to dependable containment nets that dramatically enhance the safety of many unique locations and environments. Primarily specializing in nylon netting, also includes other high performance mesh materials built from from Kevlar, HMWPE, and polyester as well.

For example, a recent customer was seeking a solution to containing objects within the upstairs mezzanine area of his warehouse. The usage of a custom netting panel designed to precisely align with the unique shape of the area was the perfect solution for his safety needs. The general context was that he had an upper level storage floor of his commercial warehouse space, and the roofline of the building along with some beams resulted in an area that require the containment netting to be built to a highly customized design. As you can see from the drawing below, the custom warehouse netting panel in this case featured tapers and angles that allowed the barrier net to properly fit the specific area of coverage. The primary concern was to use a netting product that would dependably block and contain objects within the storage area and prevent them from falling to the open floor below. The recommend netting selection in this case, and what was used for the project, was the #36 X 1-3/4″ twisted-knotted nylon netting in a square mesh pattern – and bordered around the perimeter edges with 5/16″ braided polyester rope. Utilizing a customized netting panel like this ensures that the fit, appearance, and functionality of the warehouse net was exact – and ensures proper function for customer requirements.

Warehouse netting produced to custom sizing and shape needs
Warehouse netting produced to custom sizing and shape needs.

Custom netting is utilized for a very wide range of intended needs and purposes – and at we have facilitated thousands of unique nets for hundreds of industry purposes. Advantages of sourcing specialty netting productions from include:

  • Availability to have protective nets constructed to unique sizing and shape requirements.
  • Premium nylon netting materials and expert hand-craftsmanship with decades of production experience.
  • Product knowledge and expertise, resulting in high quality customer service and professional business experience.
  • Decades of industry experience within a huge array of netting applications and projects.

To further reiterate some of the custom netting examples that may aid you with your product knowledge and research, below is an additional example of a job that needed a unique protective net design. This job was a pair of barrier netting panels that were also fabricated from #36 X 1-3/4″ twisted-knotted nylon netting. These two custom nets featured diamond mesh pattern, with 5/16″ polyester rope bordered edging – and were constructed to closely align with the specific openings that our customer was seeking to cover with safety nets. This project was a series of 8 netting panels that were built to some tapered and angled shape designs, in order to properly line-up with some specific areas of coverage. As you see, 4 of the barrier nets were constructed with some angled corners – and then 4 of the barrier nets were built to a trapezoid shape design. Safety nets like these perform very well, with perfect fit and expected durability, since they are constructed to match our customer’s exact coverage needs. You do not need to settle with trying to deal with some sort of standardized sizing or dimensional restrictions when sourcing protective netting from – we produce per-order and according to your own particular sizing requirements.

Custom shaped netting for safety and containment needs
Custom shaped netting for safety and containment needs.

Custom Netting Productions with Unique Rope Features

For many different netting projects, the installation of the material is enhanced with the addition of additional rope features throughout the overall design. For instance, there are many instances in which a net is going to be affixed to a framing structure or a series of specific attachment points. In some cases like these, it is very beneficial for the overall functionality of the netting panel to incorporate ropes that run within the inner area of the mesh. These additional ropes that are installed within the barrier netting act as dependable connection points to hang the panel within the framing – and they also increase the overall durability of the netting installation by providing a thicker material to attach to. In this third example below, we are showing a custom net that was built with 3 additional rope riblines within the nylon mesh, which were specifically placed to correlate with our customer’s framing design. In addition, the bottom edge of the custom net was constructed with a heavier “weighted rope” (often known as a “leadline”) which prevents the bottom of the containment net from raising up off the ground when objects roll into it. This particular order was for a customer needing athletic netting at their municipal location – and was constructed from #21 X 3/4″ twisted-knotted nylon netting.

Athletic netting built to-order, with unique rope features.
Athletic netting built to-order, with unique rope features.

Order Custom Netting Online – Made in the USA and Factory Direct

At we specialize in netting, custom nets, and nylon mesh productions that are used for every type of project need imaginable – most likely yours as well! We strive to provide clients and customers of all volume levels with the highest quality netting available – produced and shipped factory direct to your door. With decades of netting production and supply experience, Gourock is an industry leader for custom netting solutions and e-commerce retail availability. In addition, we work directly on a personal customer service level with installation contractors, schools and municipalities, government and military clients, professional organizations, commercial business, heavy industry, private property owners – and every type of appreciated netting clientele in between. We offer convenient and immediate ordering access to custom nets directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator – as well as through the many helpful product categories in our store for custom netting uses. And should you have some specific questions or inquiries into high volume netting supply – including for unique net designs, always feel free to Contact Us and it is our pleasure to assist.

Many thanks again to all of our very appreciated custom netting customers! At we are proud to be your trusted and dependable source for containment nets, protective netting, barrier nets, and safety netting products!

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