Golf Netting for Ball Containment and Protection

Friday, May 17th, 2024
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Custom Netting Products for Golf Driving Ranges, Golf Hitting Nets, Property Protection, and Golf Ball Containment Needs.

Golf netting is a versatile product that can be a valuable asset for golfers of all levels and for property owners. At driving ranges, golf netting provides a safe and contained area for golfers to practice their swing without fear of losing balls or hitting someone or something unintended. For property protection, golf netting can be used to create a barrier around a house, pool, or other valuable assets to prevent damage from errant golf shots. Golf netting is also a perfect solution for golfers who want to create a practice area in their backyard or garage. In addition, golf netting is essential for any situation where ball containment is necessary, such as a golf course near homes or public roads.

Selecting the ideal golf netting solution can be a critical step for driving ranges, backyard practice areas, or property protection. is a highly reputable supplier with a long history in the industry, offering a wealth of experience to help. For thousands of customers, has been the trusted provider of custom netting solutions, supplying custom netting products that are completed with precision and quality. Our extensive knowledge can make navigating the selection process effortless, ensuring you find the perfect netting for your specific needs.

In the market for top-notch golf netting or custom netting solutions? Look no further than For decades, Gourock has been a trusted supplier for both consumer and commercial clients, crafting netting products from premium nylon materials. Our expertise extends far beyond golf, encompassing a wide range of athletic and industrial applications. Whether you need a custom net for your backyard practice area or a large-scale solution for a driving range, Gourock can deliver the precise size and exceptional durability you require. With a proven track record and a commitment to quality, is a go-to shop for your custom netting needs, big or small.

Driving Range Netting and Ball Containment Nets

To help demonstrate some of the netting supply jobs that we facility for larger-scale golf applications, here is an example of a recent golf driving range netting job from the last few weeks. Driving range nets are recommended to be constructed from our 1″ mesh size twisted-knotted nylon netting. Gourock offers a couple different twine thicknesses in the 1″ mesh, both of which are great for golf ball protection and ball containment net needs. These twine thicknesses are #12 (100 lb minimum tensile rating, 1.6mm) and then a heavier #18 (191 lb minimum tensile rating, 1.8mm). From our netting product line, both of these selections are constructed from DuPont® Type 66 twisted-knotted nylon, and feature an additional tar treatment coating, which enhances their outdoor resiliency to both UV exposure and moisture. Golf driving range barrier nets are typically manufactured in a diamond mesh pattern, and are rope bordered around the perimeter edges. In this recent example shown in the image below, the driving range netting panels were built to be 20′ tall and 50′ wide – and our client (who was a commercial contractor) required 23 of these golf nets to complete their job. The range nets were being clipped to steel cables around the perimeter of each net, and then there was also a central cable located halfway up the poles to aid in stabilizing the netting regarding wind. So in this case, the golf nets were also built to include a corresponding attachment rib-line rope through the middle of the mesh as well.

Gourock had this custom netting project built and ready to ship out within 3 working weeks of the order bing placed by our client. The netting shipped direct to the installation location via LTL truck freight.

Driving Range Nets Built from #18 X 1" Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting
Driving Range Nets Built from #18 X 1″ Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting

Custom Golf Netting for Golf Course Protection Needs

As mentioned in the previous driving range netting example, there are 2 twine thicknesses available in the 1″ mesh size nylon options. There are many locations and clients that prefer to utilize the lighter of the 2 options, which is the #12 twine tarred nylon netting. Some of reasons for this preference is that they want to utilize the most minimally visible golf ball netting selection possible, while maintaining dependable durability. Or, they prefer a physically lighter netting choice based on their installation structure details, budget requirements, or to match existing golf nets that are already on-site. The #12 X 1″ golf barrier netting is an excellent selection for golf ball containment and property protection needs for many different golf courses, private property locations, municipal projects, and all types of golf netting applications in between.

Below we present a recent example from the last month that demonstrates some of the great custom netting options available for golf course ball containment installations, and for golf ball protection requirements at golf courses. In this particular case, Gourock’s customer was a golf resort that already had some #12 X 1″ golf barrier nets in-place, and they required a few more panels to expand certain areas of their driving range. One of the nets was required to be a standard rectangular shape with the dimensions of 50′ high X 70′ wide. And then there were 2 additional areas that had poles that were of different heights on each end of the run. So for these 2 areas of protective netting coverage, the best approach was to have tapered netting shapes constructed to align with the specific sizing needs. As you can see from the included diagram, both of these uniquely constructed golf nets were 80′ in width – however have a different set of height requirements. One of the netting panels was 36′ high on the right edge, but tapered to a lower 26′ height on the left edge. And then on the second custom netting panel, it was 57′ high on the right edge tapering to a lower 36′ height on the left edge.

Gourock had this custom netting project built and ready to ship out within 3 working weeks of the order bing placed by our client. The netting shipped direct to the installation location via LTL truck freight.

Custom Golf Course Netting for Golf Ball Containment and Protection.
Custom Golf Course Netting for Golf Ball Containment and Protection.

Golf Hitting Nets and Golf Cage Netting for Commercial Installations

At we specialize in the supply of custom nets that are utilized for all types of different golf ball containment needs. In addition to barrier nets that are installed at driving ranges and sides of fairways, we also provide golf impact netting, golf practice netting, and hitting nets that are intended to drive balls directly into. Some examples of these types of projects are golf cage nets, driving and hitting nets, and netting that is being used for ball containment within locations that have full velocity and close-range ball impacts within a limited area. In many cases, impact netting is being used at residential, scholastic, or municipal golf training locations. But in many other situations we are supplying commercial and organizational clientele with the protective nets that are needed for projects to protect public spectators, passersby’s, and surrounding property from high speed golf balls.

In this third recent example, see the included production diagram that helps show a series of custom nets that we constructed and supplied for a commercial vendor of ours that installs netting on cruise ships. For this particular job they needed golf impact netting to surround a golf cage that was on the cruise ship. For situations like this the recommended product selection is the #21 X 3/4″ DuPont® Type 66 Twisted-Knotted Nylon netting, which is a highly durable mesh choice for hitting cages, practice nets, and close-range all containment safety applications.

The overall custom netting project included a series of unique features that were specifically requested and then tailored for Gourock’s customer. First of all, the golf cage framing on the cruise ship was fabricated with a rounded arch-like design. So in order to properly cover each end of the framing with containment netting, a pair of custom golf nets that featured a radial shape design were constructed. And then for the ball containment netting to cover the top of the golf cage, our customer utilized a netting panel that was 15′-6″ wide X 22′-8″ long that also incorporated a series of internal ropes running within it. These interior rope rib-lines were included to line-up with the existing tubing on the framing structure, and to act as reinforced attachment points during the installation of the netting to the frame. #21 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting is a fantastic product selection for golf hitting nets, golf cage nets, and containment of high-velocity ball impacts. has #21 X 3/4″ conveniently available directly though our Online Custom Netting Calculator for direct-to-consumer purchases, and also for all types of commercial industry netting supply for our B2B clientele.

Custom Golf Cage Netting and Golf Practice Nets
Custom Golf Cage Netting and Golf Practice Nets.

Shop Online or Contact Gourock for Netting Assistance

At we are a dynamic firm that not only offers you direct online purchasing options for netting that is built to your custom needs, but also offers professional customer service correspondence for more involved questions and quotations. We build nets per-order, and can facilitate golf netting orders that are specifically constructed for your unique project and sizing needs. You can always utilize our convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator offered on the Gourock site to place immediate orders at any time. And should you have an industrial or commercial installation, such as contractor work or similar, you can always get in touch with us directly for customer service attention and quotations.

Many thanks again to all of our very appreciated custom netting customers! It is our pleasure at to be your trusted and dependable netting supplier, and we always look forward to facilitating your business!

– Josh Grzyb @ Gourock Custom Netting

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