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Friday, November 5th, 2021

Custom Built Netting Panels and Barrier Nets for Basketball Containment and Basketball Barrier Applications at Residential Court Locations as well as Multi-Purpose Home Sport Uses

Many of our customers at are residential clients that need nets and containment netting to enhance the usability and enjoyability of their basketball hoop shooting areas and court spaces. For a lot of people, having a basketball hoop on their property is a really great benefit to being able to train, play, and have a bunch of fun at home. However, much of that enjoyment can be diminished when they are constantly chasing down errant basketballs that roll down hills, into the street, over into a neighbor’s property, into the woods, or a host of other unique situations that cut-down on actual playing and shooting time on the hoop. Over the last 20 years or so we have pretty much heard it all with regards to the amount of time and frustration that people were having with retrieving missed shots, passes, and basketballs just leaving the playing space in general. Especially when there are some safety considerations in mind such as busy streets, avoiding ticks in the woods, ponds or pools, and potential damage to buildings or property.

Luckily, the use of netting is a fantastic solution to all of these basketball containment applications, and at we have netting options that will work really well for your needs! Barrier nets and containment netting can be installed around or within your basketball court or basketball hoop area to block errant balls from leaving the playing area – allowing for a lot more satisfaction and functional usability of the hoop space. There are many different examples of this type of netting usage that can be found throughout our site and company blog, and we present here in this article another great example of basketball containment nets that one of our customers installed at his family’s home court hoop.

In this particular example, our customer had a really nice concrete pad built on their property that features court paint and a very nice basketball hoop. The main addition that they wanted to incorporate was containment netting to allow their girls to play and shoot all the time without having to worry about the balls flying into their neighbor’s adjacent property all the time. He had set a series of steel poles into the ground around the pad area, and was able to provide us with some really great specific measurements between the posts – which allowed us to work with some very convenient and functional numbers to quote the custom containment nets that were needed. These were 2-3/8″ diameter steel poles that were set in concrete footings, and they were very stout and stable attachment points to dependably suspend netting panels between. The areas of coverage were directly to the left and right sides of the basketball hoop itself, and then also running up both the left and right sides of the court space. This allowed for basketball containment directly behind the shooting area, and then also basketball containment on the sidelines as well for missed passes and similarly errant balls.

The preference for the fit of the netting was to be as tight and even as possible or feasible, and since we are able to construct nets according to any dimensions needed he was able to specify and order the individual netting panels to closely match and line-up with the posts that surrounded the court space. We had the netting panels constructed with 5/16″ polyester rope borders sewn-in around the perimeter edges of the mesh, as well with incorporating some vertical rope rib-lines within the mesh to line-up with the central poles. In addition, these netting panels were constructed in a square mesh pattern to maximize the evenness and straight appearance of the nets when hung.

The netting selection for this project was the #21 X 1-3/4″ DuPontĀ® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, which is a fantastic netting choice for multipurpose athletic applications including basketball containment and court barrier net installations. Our customer designed his own unique approach to hanging and tightening the netting between his support posts, which was to utilize some threaded steel rods on the far right and left of each netting panel – weaving the rods through the border meshes – and then tensioning the rods to the vertical posts and securing them with velcro straps. As you can see from their provided images below, the end result is a very professional-looking and appealing end result for the netting installation, as well as ending up being a really functional basketball containment netting job.

Many thanks again to all of our custom netting customers and clients! We appreciate you business very much, and it is our great pleasure to be your netting supplier!!

Basketball Containment Nets and Nylon Netting at a Residential Basketball Court
Square Mesh Nylon Nets for Blocking Basketballs
Nylon Netting Panels Strapped to Posts at a Home Basketball Hoop Area
Closeup of Nylon Netting Connected to Steel Poles at a Residential Basketball Court Playing Area
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