Nylon Netting With Customized Features

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Nylon netting is a very functional product that is used for a very wide range of applications.  There are many different types of solutions that people are able to achieve for their particular needs by utilizing various types of netting configurations.  For instance, most athletic and recreational activities will at some point greatly benefit from the containment, protective, and barrier characteristics of netting panels and safety nets.  Industrially, there are many unique applications for netting that include warehouse rack containment, bird barrier, and conveyor-belt “catch” installations.  Many private and residential customers need to accomplish things like keeping balls and objects within a property line, protect gardens or ponds from predators, and creating protected areas of their homes from various flying objects (like fairway golf balls).  These are just some general examples of commonplace uses for netting, but from our experience the possibilities of netting applications are relatively endless while new potentials are consistently being serviced.

Gourock.com specializes in supplying netting solutions for your needs – and there are many options for customization to fit your specific requirements.  Generally speaking, the DuPontĀ® nylon netting available from Gourock is able to be shipped out to your location according to most any dimensions that are needed for the job, and there are many options for twine and mesh sizes in order for you to select the best match for the usage.  For instance, if you’re seeking a general-use outdoor barrier or containment net you may want to consider something like the #18 X 1″ knotted nylon netting.  Alternatively, if you expect a lot of abrasion and friction to be continually impacting the netting you may want to consider the very heavy-duty #72 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting.  We will typically have a few helpful recommendations for you based on your purpose, so as you do your research certainly feel free to contact us for a pricing quote and some helpful tips on direction.

Throughout this blog and also on the Gourock.com website there is a lot of great information to review regarding netting materials, benefits, and unique uses.  Take a look through these sources that at your disposal and you’ll get a pretty clear picture of what you may be aiming for as far as netting is concerned.  In order to assist even further, below are some recent examples of specifically requested nets that were facilitated and supplied by Gourock.com for a variety of different uses and customers.  Each of these chosen examples feature some sort of customized characteristic, which can include:

  • rope edging or ropes “riblines” through the mesh area
  • tapered slopes
  • specific shapes

One intrinsic attribute that they all share is the netting material, which is the highest quality DuPontĀ® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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