Basketball Barrier Netting and Basketball Hoop Containment Nets

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Basketball Barrier Netting and Basketball Hoop Containment Nets

Here at we have always supplied lots of barrier netting and containment nets for many different types of uses and situations.  One of the great benefits of utilizing barrier netting and containment nets at your location is that it dramatically enhances the functionality of your area by blocking different types of objects from leaving the space.  For instance, many of our customers have situations where they have a great practice and play space for different types of sports – however the balls are always rolling away to some outside area like a hill, pond, street, neighboring property, or into the woods.

This is a particularly prevalent situation with basketballs and basketball hoops.  It’s never a fun time when the basketball is constantly being chased or fetched after a missed shot or during play, making the time spent shooting hoops a bit more annoying than necessary.  Fortunately, by utilizing netting around the basketball practice area you can significantly improve the functionality and enjoyment of the game! specializes in the supply of basketball containment nets that are prepared per-order according to any height and length you need to cover.  The most typically selected netting types for your project and usage are the #30 X 4” and #15 X 4” knotted nylon netting options.  You can view these selections on out site here:

We do have other options available as well, but these are the majority of the orders for basketball barrier purposes.  For instance, if you also want to block smaller objects as well (tennis, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, etc.) you can size down to a 1-3/4” mesh size for the project.  We supply netting that is 100% Made in USA and prepared per-order to meet your own custom netting size requirements.

Here is a photo sent to us from a recent customer that needed to block basketball shots from consistently going over his fence and into his neighbor’s property.  A great approach to this project is to brace/bolt/attach some tubing or poles to the exiting fence, and then span nylon barrier netting between the supports.  As you can see from this example, a series of posts were affixed to the fence and then the netting was suspended between them – providing the containment coverage needed to alleviate the errant basketball issue.  In this case, the netting is the #30 X 4″ knotted nylon (with a 5/16″ rope bordered edge around the perimeter of the mesh), and our customer utilized the Bungee Ball Attachment Straps that we have available to connect the netting to his poles.

There are many different approaches to hanging and installing netting, and this is a great example of taking advantage of an existing structure to get a great barrier netting result.  In this particular case the netting doesn’t need to go all the way to ground level, since the point is to achieve some expanded barrier coverage above the fence-line specifically.  So the netting was ordered to a sizing that allows for coverage up to the tops of the poles, with enough to overlap the fence a couple feet.  At we can facilitate any sizing at all that you need for your job – so you can get the netting that works the best for your exact space.  Feel free to get in touch and we can always assist!

Many thanks again for your netting order and the photo of your installation Chris!  We appreciate your business, feedback, and great photo of your finished project!

-Josh Grzyb @

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