Custom Netting for Garden and Agricultural Installations

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Custom Netting for Garden and Agricultural Installations

At we specialize in the supply of custom netting products that can be used for a very wide array of intended applications.  Many of the well known uses for a lot of netting include athletic purposes, industrial needs, stadiums and parks/ranges, bird barrier, and property protection.  However, netting is a really functional solution for more unique and niche purposes as well – and one of these popular uses is for gardening and agriculture.

Our company supplies custom netting to all types of end-users, including commercial, government, professional, scholastic, and private residential customers.  For gardening purposes and agricultural applications, has been a preferred netting source for very large industrial farming operations, as well as a substantial volume of private residential farms and gardens of all sizes.  With you have very convenient custom sizing options directly through our site, allowing you to get nets that are fabricated according to most any particular dimensions that you prefer to use for your project.  The following example demonstrates how one of our recent customers planned and developed a very nice netting installation at their home garden site.

Our customer in Utah has a stout and solid roof framing covering a trellis area in his garden.  The issue that he wanted to alleviate was birds picking from the vines on the trellis, and also to provide a bit more of a shaded area to help block some of the direct overhead sunlight during the middle part of the day – as well as being a blockade against potential hail situations.  His primary concern was to exclude smaller-sized birds from getting into the area, so the mesh size of the netting would need to be pretty small in order to perform as expected.  In addition, he wanted to integrate a material that would have the ability to easily roll-up around the pulley/spool design he constructed (allowing him to efficiently pull the vertical barrier netting up-and-down as needed).  He planned on having both longer sides be “roll-up” nets, with the two ends being fixed in-place.  The upper roof area was to remain as a stationary net, spanning the arching horizontal area full-time.

At we prepared and supplied the perfect netting choices and materials for this particular garden project, and they were easily fabricated to the custom dimensions that best-fit our customer’s needs for this design.  For the netting that was to cover the 2 longer sides, and to be spooled/rolled around his pulley retraction system, the best material to use was the DuPontĀ® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting100% Made in USA,  this knotted nylon netting available from Gourock features very high tensile strengths and abrasion durability, along with being a “fabric-like” netting that easily spools and condenses – making it have a high level of usability and function.

The best match mesh size for his needs was the 3/4″ square mesh netting, which is a really great exclusion net product for small birds.  The twine thickness in this case was the #15 twine, which is a 1.8mm diameter with a 144 lb. tensile strength rating.  Black in color, and fully prepared for outdoor UV and moisture exposure, the #15 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting is a fantastic and long-lasting option for bird barrier installations in gardens.  There were 4 nets that he custom-ordered from this netting, each one specifically sized to meet his needs for the actual installation structure.  The 2 nets for the longer sides (roll-up sides) were each built to 9′ X 15′.  For the 2 nets needed on the ends (stationary), those were both prepared to the sizing of 9′ X 6′-6″.

The #15 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting does not provide much shading or light-blocking however, so a different material was recommended and supplied for the upper roof netting.  The material needed to still function as a bird deterrent, but also was to incorporate a degree of light-blocking and protection against occasional hail circumstances.  His horizontal roof area features an arching design, so the netting was expected to easily install over the top of the arching tubing, and lay evenly across the space.  The best material for this part of the project was the HDPE 50% Shade Cloth that we have available.  This shade cloth blocks 50% of light, allowing for a decent amount of shading – and is often used for debris containment applications, making it optimal for hail barrier as well.  The netting size ordered and prepared was 8′ X 18′. allows you to order all of our nylon netting and shade screen materials according to your own specific customized dimensions, directly online through our Custom Netting Calculator.

Take a look at the 3 photos below to get a good conceptual look at this custom garden netting installation, and how it all turned out in the end.  We think it looks really great – and the report back to us is that everything is performing just as planned.

Thank you again Clabe!  It was very nice working with you, and we appreciate your business very much!

-Josh Grzyb @

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