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Friday, December 15th, 2023
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Sports netting built to custom sizing and design features for training facilities, field house locations, and practice locations.

Sports training facilities, field houses, and practice spaces are hubs of athletic activity, but with flying balls and enthusiastic energy comes the potential for chaos. Enter the unsung hero of athletic organization: netting. Athletic facility netting isn’t just for catching errant foul balls; it’s a game-changer for safety, space optimization, and property protection.

Ball containment: Say goodbye to runaway baseballs and rogue soccer balls terrorizing parked cars or disrupting neighboring practices. Netting keeps balls in play, reducing equipment retrieval time, minimizing distractions, and preventing costly property damage. Imagine the relief of coaches and parents alike!

Player safety: Whether it’s a stray golf club zinging through the air or a fierce volleyball spike gone awry, netting acts as a vital safety barrier. It protects players and spectators from errant equipment and stray shots, fostering a more confident and focused training environment.

Space optimization: Think beyond bleacher barriers. Netting can be used to section off areas within a facility, allowing for multiple activities to occur simultaneously without interference. This maximizes space utilization, making the most of every square foot and enabling more efficient training sessions.

Sport versatility: Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple nature. Netting is a chameleon, adapting to the needs of countless sports. From baseball backstops and batting cages to tennis court dividers and volleyball net systems, it’s a ubiquitous training tool. So, whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or a badminton buff, netting has you covered (or, rather, contained!).

Investing in athletic facility netting is an investment in the success and safety of your sports training location. It’s a silent guardian, keeping balls in bounds, players protected, and your space organized. So, ditch the chaos and let netting work its magic, transforming your sports location into a haven of focused training and athletic achievement.

Bonus tip: When choosing netting, consider factors like mesh size, strength, and material. Opt for weather-resistant options for outdoor facilities, and remember, proper installation is key!

With a little planning and the right athletic facility netting, you can create a training environment that’s both effective and enjoyable for athletes of all ages and skill levels. So, what are you waiting for? Net your way to a better training experience today!

Custom Sports Nets Supplied by specializes in the supply of custom nets that are very well utilized for a wide variety of different industries and applications. Athletic facility netting has always been a very popular product selection from us, and is available to be prepared according to customized dimensions and sizing that will work best for the location. Ranging from multi-sport field houses that need nets to contain balls and objects of all sizes, to training facilities that specialize in particular sports specifically – the use of high quality containment netting is a must for enhancing the function of the practice space. 100% Made in the USA and prepared per-invoice, custom athletic facility netting is available to our valued customers directly through our online store – and also via personal correspondence and quotations.

In many cases the ball containment nets that Gourock supplies to sports training locations are prepared as flat panels that can be individually hung vertically around the area, and also horizontally to cover ceiling spaces. These are generally referred to as “netting panels”, and conveniently offers immediate custom netting panel ordering directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator. There is a superb selection of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses to best match your sport netting needs, and some great perimeter bordering options to select from as well. In other cases, the best approach for the athletic facility netting is to have an enclosure design produced. For containment nets that are built in an enclosure design, the perimeter vertical walls of netting and ceiling netting are all seamed-together into a 3-dimensional box-style configuration. This is a very popular approach for batting cage net tunnels, golf cage nets, as well as a variety of other sports facility client preferences.

Recent Custom Netting Enclosures for Sports Training Facilities

Custom athletic facility netting for indoor sports training locations is a specialty product that is very experienced in. We have supplied custom sports nets that are built to a huge variety of different dimensional needs and customized configurations – for field houses and training facilities of all sizes. Ranging from elite level professional and collegiate clients, municipal and scholastic sports netting installations, commercial athletic training establishments, and private property projects – is the go-to source for premium custom netting solutions for ball containment and safety needs. For a couple of recent examples of custom sport netting enclosures that we have shipped out over the last few weeks, we present these details on athletic facility nets that were speciality-crafted for our client needs.

In this first commercial facility netting example, we are showing a pair of large volume enclosure nets that were built for an indoor soccer training location in Chicago, IL. The netting design on these enclosure nets featured full vertical perimeter walls and the ceiling netting all seamed together with rope bordered edging. There was one net that was built to 10′ high X 55′ wide X 113′ long, and then a second soccer netting enclosure built to 10′ high X 58′-6″ wide X 113′ long. The particular netting selection for these ball containment enclosure nets was the #15 X 4″ twisted-knotted black nylon, which is a fantastic selection for soccer ball containment needs while remaining as lightweight as possible. Another customized design feature on both enclosure nets was that the rope borders were all done in a white colored twisted-nylon line, since our customer wanted a bit of a visual “outline” demarcating the edges of the netting as it hung within the indoor playing space. These nets were both constructed and ready to ship out to our customer within 2 working weeks of the order being formalized.

Soccer training facility enclosure containment nets.
Soccer training facility enclosure containment nets.

In this second custom sports netting example from the last few weeks, we are showing a custom netting enclosure that was produced for a commercial baseball training establishment in Arkansas. This custom netting design was an extra large enclosure net design that was built for baseball containment, batting practice, and baseball training within an indoor training location. The overall volume sizing of this baseball netting was 12′ high X 57′ wide X 57′ long, and was constructed from #21 X 1-3/4″ twisted-knotted nylon netting. This cage net was all seamed together with black 5/16″ polyester rope borders, along with a couple of additional ceiling line ropes spaces on 19′ intervals. In addition, the bottom edge was constructed with a weighted-rope, which aids in preventing balls from rolling under the netting and assists in keeping the containment netting a bit more anchored to the ground while in-use. In addition to the overall batting cage enclosure net, there were also two 12′ high X 57′ long divider panel nets constructed and included as well. These divider nets allow our customer to separate the larger enclosed area into 3 individual tunnel areas at their convenience. The divider nets were also rope bordered with the weighted-rope bottom edges as well. This custom baseball netting job was completed within 3 working weeks of the order being formalized and shipped direct to our customer’s location via LTL trucking freight.

Custom batting cage netting enclosure with divider panel nets.
Custom batting cage netting enclosure with divider panel nets.

Many thanks again to all of our athletic facility netting customers! At we appreciate your business very much, and it is our pleasure to be your trusted and dependable custom sports netting supplier!

– Josh Grzyb @ Netting

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